"Ryen and her cohorts give imagery to Jess's ordeal without judgments. The pictures tell the thousand words of an inescapable reality in the life of one young woman...portrayed with startling clarity and realism by Ms. Ryen."

- "CASHED" Review,



"Serena Ryen is hilarious, tragic, and just freaking mesmerizing — a bleary-eyed, kinda gross Disney princess — and you can’t help but want to spend more time with her."

Production Shots
Lyra in Galileo: A New Musical
Dorka Kleinweiss King of the Jews
Miss Square & Momma Square
A Christmas Carol
Maddie in High School Alien
Backstage at Cleopatra
Ismene in Antigone
Lyra in Galileo: A New Musical
Maddie in High School Alien
A Christmas Carol
Sleeping Beauty
Ismene in Antigone
Pandora in Galileo: A New Music
A Christmas Carol Backstage
Recording Galileo

"Anyone who doubts that there’s an abundance of female musical theater talent out there will find out the truth in this show. No one will nod off at Serena Ryen’s Sleeping Beauty." 

 - Disenchanted Review, The Star Ledger, NJ.com

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